The crew is an essential element in an endurance cycling event. It is important for the crew to have different skillsets and characteristics to bring to the experience. A multi-day endurance race is very unforgiving and will quickly find out any weaknesses, not only in the racer, but the crew also. It is how you react when these weaknesses are exposed that can ultimately make the difference between success and failure.

What are the most important characteristics required to build a strong crew?

  • Dedicated team players: Commitment to get the racer to the finish line. Being able to work in a team.
  • Focus: Focus on the target and prioritise the racer.
  • Flexibility: Crew members need to be prepared to change roles and react to mishaps that may occur during a race.
  • Resourcefulness/Perseverance: Crewing is stressful. Time is spent in cramped quarters for long periods and things do go wrong. The ability to push on through these situations is a must.
  • Good sense of humour: The ability to laugh at oneself builds good team spirit – ‘leave your ego at the door.’


Race Around Ireland Crew 2019

Paul Harrison – Crew Chief

Being a keen cyclist and project manager Paul has strong credentials for being the Crew Chief. Also, skills acquired during his time in the British Navy will be an asset with regard to dealing with sleep deprivation and any unplanned crises that may crop up en-route. Paul’s hobby of being a rally navigator is an obvious bonus in getting around Ireland. His calming influence will be much appreciated by his fellow crew members.

Trish Shaw – Medical Officer

Realising Trish would be a good addition to the crew Paul (her husband) volunteered her services. Having ridden across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco she can empathise with the trials and tribulations of multi-day cycling events. With a background in veterinary science she will make an excellent medical officer at RAI. Like the animals she treats on a daily basis the endurance cyclist can, at times, become somewhat incoherent so her ability to pin-point issues without direction is very comforting to the racer.

Roddy Graham – Mr. Motivator

Other than Chantal, Roddy knows TQ better than anyone. With 34 years experience of working in the City of London he has undoubtedly mastered the art of working under pressure. In addition, being a successful Managing Director he has developed strong motivational skills. Both are attributes which are key to a good crew. With a strong family military background his navigational skills are not too shabby either. His skillsets, which will help in keeping the team moving forward in times of adversity, will be greatly appreciated by TQ.

Jon Getz – Mechanic and Chef

Jon switched from working in investment banking to woodworking some 20 years ago. The attention to detail required in making his fine bespoke furniture is a skill that is very beneficial to crewing. He is a keen sportsman and has participated in many endurance events including sailing, triathlons and Ironman competitions. Jon’s practicality, good organisational skills along with his endurance sport experience make him an ideal crew member.

Chantal – TQ’s wife and Crew Mother

For many years now Chantal has supported and crewed for TQ at numerous Solo 24hr and long distance races across the globe. Her knowledge on nutrition has been one of the major factors behind TQ’s improvement over the past 5 years. At RAI Chantal will be running ‘Base Camp.’ This will enable her fellow crew members to focus 100% on what they need to in order to keep the rider progressing down the road. Additionally, it will make their RAI experience more bearable. As always, Chantal will be a significant reassuring presence for TQ throughout the race.

Nigel Hale-Hunter – BPM Coaching

Nigel started working with TQ at the beginning of 2018. Since then there has been marked improvements in TQ’s results, most notably RAAM qualification at Revolve24hr and an 18th place in the World 24hr TT championships in Borrego Springs, CA. Nigel is the ‘man with a plan.’ He regularly tests TQ to check on his progress and draws up all the training schedules with the long term goal of competing in RAAM. His honest, no-nonsense clear approach, thinking and planning has made him pivotal to TQ’s development as a cyclist.

Ashleigh Hutchings
Soft Tissue Therapist

Ashleigh has a long standing interest in sports science since studying it at school. She is a qualified soft tissue therapist and manages the Ashleigh Hutchings Sports and Remedial Massage Company. Her sporting background is more equine related than cycling, but both involve a saddle! She has a stable of horses and rides out on Dartmoor when time from her busy schedule permits. Ashleigh’s sense of fun, enthusiasm and competitiveness make her a very welcome member of the crew. Tucker is delighted that she, with her ‘healing hands’ has agreed to join TeamTQ.

Morgan Floyd-Walker
Asst. Soft Tissue Therapist

Morgan has an interest in cycling and has ridden in many events. Most notably, two London to Paris rides, multiple Dartmoor Classics and the Ride London 100. Through his achievements he has managed to raise significant funds for a number of charities including Bloodwise, The Children’s Hospice South West and Mesothelioma UK. He is currently studying to become a soft tissue therapist and should qualify at Level 5 BTEC later this year. Working in tandem with Ashleigh, having Morgan on board should mean that Tucker has a physio on hand at any moment during RAI.

Alex Stannus
Useful Idiot

Alex prefers bikes with engines and has ridden many thousands of miles across Europe and Africa. A widely travelled art director and partner of design agency ‘Antman’ specialising in brand identity, he’s an Associate Laureate of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. It’s very likely he was the first person to use a digital camera and upload the images from a remote location direct to a website via satellite. Recent fun stuff has been for Netflix’s  Black Mirror and the much anticipated BBC/HBO His Dark Materials. As well as crewing he’ll be keeping watch over TeamTQ media output.