16:33. Sunday 25th August, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland. 

Race number 106

Preparations are in the final phase as shortly after 4.30 this Sunday Tucker ‘TQ’ Sorrell will get on his bike and for the next 132 hours – five and a half days – get off it for maybe four hours each day. Because if you’ve entered the non-stop ultracycling challenge that is the ‘Race Around Ireland’ –  a mere 1335 miles and 1669 yards around the coastines (ish) of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – keeping a steady pace for hour after hour is key. And then at 22,000 metres there’s the equivalent of two and a half Mount Everests to climb. Which is quite a lot of ‘up’. To keep the engine going, he’ll be needing about 9,000 calories a day – equivalent to 40 standard Mars Bars. And then there’s the 12 litres of fluids as well. 

And for those who don’t know – Tucker’s principal motivation is that his stepfather, Allan Miles, died from Pancreatic Cancer in November 2014 and that this form of cancer has the lowest survival rate of any. He is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK as their work does make a much needed difference by providing support and information to those affected and also in raising awareness and funding research. Having seen the affect of this disease at close hand he fully supports their lobbying in trying to get higher priority for pancreatic cancer so anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated. See https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tsorrell

Either way, Tucker would appreciate all the support he can get and if we can tell him there are people joining up and following it’ll help with every turn of the pedals.

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